Saturday, July 10, 2010

Say it's MY BIRTHDAY!!!

It's my birthday too yeah! :)

There are two things I look forward to every year on my birthday:
1. My mom baking me a birthday cake. (I don't fancy who needs store bought!)
2. Hanging out with friends eating good food and getting a little tipsy all on the account of that hot summer day in July 21 years ago. Sike, I'm really 25 :). OMG, my I am a quarter of a century!

Time really does fly, and it's amazing how things change so quickly. It always baffles me how in a year's time I'm in a complete different stage of my life. I think it's fantastic and I must say I feel truly blessed to see another year that will bring many more wonderful changes and surprises.

Today I plan on staying in my PJ's all day relaxing, crafting as usual, catch some flicks and then a nice dinner with my family. I'm not sure what else they have planned for me but honestly, just being home with the family is enough for me :)

Cheers to another year old.



1 comment:

  1. Happy Quarter of a Century!! I reached that milestone in July...


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