Monday, December 22, 2008

I'm walking here!

Drivers in New York really suck in rainy or icy conditions. We like to blame it all on the cabbies but I almost got hit 3 times today by normal drivers coming and going from work: each time I had a walk signal and was exactly where I was supposed to be. Shortly after moving here I developed the thick skin and out-and-out idiocy that is required to shake your fist at an oncoming car and say "I'm walkin' here!" I was in full form this morning when a car came within 2 inches of me (fast) and rather than just run across the street (the smart thing to do) I did a quick sideways jump to dodge the car, then stood in the middle of the street like an idiot, giving the retreating car the stinkeye.

I'm always fascinated by this adversarial relationship that exists between cars and pedestrians, and how easy it is to switch back and forth when you're in the driver's seat. Walking? Cars are the enemy. Driving? All those stupid people crossing the street suck. I'm convinced this is one of those instinctive fight-or-flight responses that ties us back to monkeys.

My story has no moral except... if you're ever in Manhattan in a rainstorm or snowstorm... be careful!

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Sunday, December 21, 2008

And...I'm Back!

I'm back after a looooooong break from blogging. Work has been eating my time alive. At the end of the day I end up an emotionally sogging mess from being spit back out of a monsters mouth. Crafting time as well as business time is lessing. But I vow to turn things around!

Anywho...I have lots to be jolly about this holiday season. For starters, I made my first sales on Etsy! Not one, but two! The iHoot felt cozy and a custom monkey cozy sold minutes after being posted. Hip hip hip HOOOORAAAY!!!

What a wonderful feeling to see my work finally paying off. Many thanks to my first etsy customers Timothy(rustedhouse) and Cynthia (Chinhole127) as well as all my fellow Etsians for your continous support. In addition, I am very pleased with my new undertaking: felt cozies.

These adorable, entirely hand sewn cases can be used to hold all kinds of things! They were made specifically to fit an ipod video(or ipod classic), but it is the perfect size to fit all kinds of gadgets! I also use them for personal items that I would prefer not to have loose in my purse. The cases are made with a double thickness of colored felt and is blanket stitched together with wool yarn. The birds are created using various pieces of hand cut and stitched colored felt. They are hand sewn NOT glued, onto the cases.

Like what you see? Well come along, and visit my shop for many more goodies.


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