Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Cancer Awareness Giveaway

This week at QuellyRue Designs, we're promoting awareness for Cancer! There are so many different types of cancers, I had such a hard time narrowing it down to one. Especially since they are all equally important and several of my loved ones have been affected by difference forms of this deadly disease.

This giveaway is dedicated to my great-uncle, Fred, who passed away a few years ago from cancer. He had been fighting what believed was a common cold for several weeks. When he finally decided to see a doctor, he was diagnosed with throat cancer in stage 4 which had also spread to his nasal cavity. Two weeks later he passed away.

You can learn more about the different types cancers, find support and treatment, explore research, or get involved in the fight against cancer by visiting the website of the American Cancer Society.

Here are my offerings this week's Cancer Awareness Giveaway:

TWO lucky winners will receive one of my hand-painted Naturalbella Tote Bags.

Winner 1 will receive bag #1, and winner 2 will receive bag #2

Contest Rules:
  • Follow/Join QuellyRue Designs blog (click button on top left-hand side of this page)
  • Leave a comment. I'd especially love to hear of any experiences with cancer, so if you have one, share it.
  • Contest ends Monday, November 14, 2011 at 11:59pm Eastern time, and the winners will be chosen at random.
I will announce the winners at 9am Eastern time on Tuesday, November 15th. Good luck!




  1. I follow your blog. The closest I ve been to cancer was with my high school mate. He had stomach cancer and he was only in his twenties, I was ignorant enough to think these things dont happen to someone so young and people that lived in Africa for most of their lives.

  2. Hi I am a follower of your blog. Love your bags! I unfortunately have had 2 close experiences with cancer with my Mom. She had breast cancer 10 years ago. She had a partial mastectomy and went through the whole chemo/radiation and was clear for 10 years. Then a new cancer came back to the same right breast and she had a complete mastectomy last year along with more chemo, no radiation this time. It was terrible for all of us and especially devastating to her.

    Mostly we couldn't believe that we were all going through this again. It certainly makes one really aware of what is and isn't important. It certainly made me more aware of spending time with my mom and not taking her presence here for granted especially now that we are older.

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  4. My experiences with cancer have been far too many in such a short period of tine. My amazing mother is a 15 year breast cancer survivor, and her experience was the first time cancer hit me so close to home. She is such a trooper..... Not even one week after her lumpectomy, she was planning & hosting my sweet 16 birthday party for 75 guests & family members. She never complained & never let me see her sweat. This was the first time that truly understood what she meant by "If God brings us to it, he can bring us through it."
    My maternal grandfather was also diagnosed with breast cancer (yes, men get breast cancer too), and he lost his battle with this terrible disease only 6 mths after bring diagnosed. My paternal grandfather & great uncle both were diagnosed with prostate cancer, and after a long & trying fight both passed away as well.
    My experiences have been devastating & heart breaking in many ways, but they have also encouraged me to take better care of my health and to do regular self breast exams. I have vowed to do all that I can to break the cycle of cancer in my family & will not allow this disease to be parqt of my family's legacy.

    P.S. I am a follower of your blog....

  5. Aloha my dear,

    I felt compelled to enter this contest 1. Every Naturebella should have a Naturalbella bag and 2. Like my fellow commenters, I unfortunately have experienced cancer very close to home. I hope that this does not come off as "my experience is worse than yours so I deserve the bag more." I am just a strong advocate for Cancer Awareness & by telling my story, I am able to heal.

    My first encounter with cancer was when I lost my grandmother to breast cancer 18 years ago. I also lost my grandfather to prostate cancer in 2003 and one month later my aunt passed away from non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. Last year my ex-fiance's father was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer and 5 weeks after his diagnosis he passed away.

    Most recently, my mother who is my ROCK, was diagnosed with breast cancer in September. Thankfully, she was diagnosed as stage 0 and she has since had 2 surgeries in which we were told that all of the cancer was removed. The past two months have rocked my family to the core, but our strength and faith has kept us very optimistic.

    The blessing of my mother's early stage diagnosis was because she went for a mammogram this year and THANKFULLY did not put it off for next year. Every time I share my mother's story, I hope that it is a reminder to others to remind the women in their lives & themselves, how important it is for mammograms, screenings and pap smears. Cancer comes in MANY ugly forms and education coupled with action is key.

    A QuellyRue Fan 4 Life,
    Kimaada (Naturebella)

  6. My sister died of cancer (leukemia) She was only 4 years old, and anytime I talk about this story it makes me happy and in a way very teared up.. She died in 1989, before I was born. Basically I am the only child..
    It is hard being the only child because everything is depended on you, family wise, school wise, and everything above that..
    But i am happy because She is in a much better loving caring place where there is NO HATE, No CRIME, No DISCRIMINATION, sometimes a place where I would love to go. Everything I thank God for my life and for my parents living. Without them who would I be or who would my sister be that she lived a short life but left so much memories behind her.. So I'm blessed to have her in spirits around me and my family..


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