Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Recap: Shecky’s “Girls Night Out” Returns to the Big Apple!

So last Wednesday I attended Shecky’s Girls Night Out with my girlfriends, and we had a fabulous time! If you don’t know what Shecky’s is, you are MISSING OUT. It’s a fun biannual shopping event that occurs in many cities across the US and offers clothing, jewelry, accessories, and services from hundreds of vendors — plus free cocktails and amazing treat-filled goodie bags too. The best part is that this year, admission + a goodie bag was $15 advance!

We wandered around for a bit, checking out the different vendors. There were definitely lots of cute options in many different price points and everything with a special Shecky's discount! The selection of clothing was nice, but most of it felt like something you could pick up at your local H&M, Forver21, etc. The perfect nightcap to the evening was getting the famous Shecky’s goodie bag!

Yes, all this for $15!!!

Overall, Shecky's continues to be a super fun night out, a perfect way to indulge a few hours, and amazing vendors. I definitely recommend checking out the next one in your area!



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