Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spotted on Etsy: MaKayla Creations

It's times like these when I wish I had a magic wand to make myself the little girl I once was.

Fashion designer Jocelyn Bowdre has truly captured my heart with her adorable clothing line for little girls, MaKalya Creations. Her one of a kind garments are adorned with ribbons, bows, flowers and buttons...what more could your little princess ask for?

So come on in and stay awhile . . . in MaKaylaCreations -- soon to be your favorite little girls' boutique!

Sailor Dress

Princess Victoria Gingham Dress

Button Dress

Button Flower Sundress

Here is a blurb from Jocelyn's Etsy profile, please stop by and check out her amazing shop, MaKayla Creations, and get to know her a bit more:

MaKayla Creations was born about 15 years ago when I had my second daughter. Unfortunately, I could only hand down very little clothes....different size children born in different seasons. So due to a desire to have my girls look like princesses on a soda budget, MaKayla Creations was conceived.

Our motto is "Every Little Girl Deserves to be a Princesses". We desire to keep little girls looking like princesses as long as possible. All of our designs are heavy on details. Ribbons, buttons, ribbon roses, piping, lace, trim really take a design from ordinary to extraordinary.

Where to find Mackayla Creations:





  1. Little Girls should dress like little girls! I think the quality that the dresses have is simply amazing!

  2. Great find QuellyRue! Her collection sure is lovely.

  3. Thanks for featuring me. I really appreciate this. I'm telling everyone.


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