Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Spotted on Etsy: Brick Bracelets - Connect With Fun

Jewelry designer David Haliski never ceases to amaze me. After stumbling upon his LEGO Minifig snowman, I took it upon my self to dive deeper into his world in bricks.

I found myself surrounded by his line of fun, fresh, and handmade LEGO creations called Brick Bracelets. The line is a true reflection of David's love of LEGO mosaics and sculptures!

The complete line includes gifts for all ages:

Unique and stylish LEGO bracelets

Colorful and funky LEGO rings

Retro LEGO Hair Clips - I love it!

Feeling hungry? Who's up for some McDonald's? Yes, this is an actual size LEGO representation of McDonald's popular Big Mac Meal. Cant you just smell the french fries? I can!

And for desert? How does an apple or banana sound? Yummy!

It's exciting to see a familiar toy being used in so many creative ways!

Here is a blurb from David's Etsy profile, please stop by and check out his amazing shop, Brick Bracelets, and get to know him a bit more:

In 2008, I rediscovered a passion for vibrantly colored plastic pieces that occupied so much of my time as a child. I decided to combine this passion with fine arts to create unique works of art. My direction is to further deconstruct contemporary, popular culture through the medium itself, LEGO. The pure, consistent color allows for a uniform and bold graphic style translating perfectly from my background in the graphic design and multimedia arts field.

Where to find Brick Bracelets:

Etsy -
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