Monday, December 22, 2008

I'm walking here!

Drivers in New York really suck in rainy or icy conditions. We like to blame it all on the cabbies but I almost got hit 3 times today by normal drivers coming and going from work: each time I had a walk signal and was exactly where I was supposed to be. Shortly after moving here I developed the thick skin and out-and-out idiocy that is required to shake your fist at an oncoming car and say "I'm walkin' here!" I was in full form this morning when a car came within 2 inches of me (fast) and rather than just run across the street (the smart thing to do) I did a quick sideways jump to dodge the car, then stood in the middle of the street like an idiot, giving the retreating car the stinkeye.

I'm always fascinated by this adversarial relationship that exists between cars and pedestrians, and how easy it is to switch back and forth when you're in the driver's seat. Walking? Cars are the enemy. Driving? All those stupid people crossing the street suck. I'm convinced this is one of those instinctive fight-or-flight responses that ties us back to monkeys.

My story has no moral except... if you're ever in Manhattan in a rainstorm or snowstorm... be careful!

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